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Hi Gear Mini Headlight

Hi Gear

Bright and tough headtorch with 8 LED's for maximum brightness

An LED headlamp that uses 3 AAA batteries to give you the power you need to see in poorly lit conditions.

There are 8 ultra bright white LEDs on the front. 

There are 2 lighting options available on the headlamp, allowing you to output the correct amount of light depending your environment.

Compact, adjustable, and comfortable to use while camping or walking in the dark, the Hi Gear Mini Headlight is perfect for night time adventures, or anywhere you need to throw some light on the situation.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Battery Type: 3 x AAA
  • Battery Included:Yes
  • Adjustable torch angle
  • 2 Functions (4 White LED / 8 White LED)
  • Easy operate push ON / OFF switch
  • Adjustable head strap


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