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Head Torches

Head torches are now more popular than hand-held torches for all kinds of outdoor activities, mainly because they keep both your hands free, you don't drop them, and the light beam is directed at whatever you're looking at. They've become an essential piece of kit for walkers and runners who may be out in fading light or darkness, but can also be very handy when you're camping (unless you can cook in the dark), around the house, or walking the dog.
Miners and cavers have always used head torches, but they tended to be bulky, heavy and prone to stop working due to short battery life and bulbs going out. Compared to these, modern head torches are very different; they're small and lightweight, have over 100 hours of battery life, and use small and powerful light-emitting diodes (LED). 
There are now hundreds of different makes and models on the market, so it pays to know what features you need for the type of leisure activity you'll be doing most of the time. Our buyer's guide to head torches will help you choose the right one.

Written by Sam Tilston — February 26, 2013

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